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If you're a pirate you can't afford to suffer much damage to your ship, as it's a big risk putting into port to get it repaired. Even if you're not a pirate, repairs are expensive, so if you're faced with a more powerful enemy it's best to run away.

You can take on larger ships, even with a schooner, if you take on a large crew, close the range quickly and attempt to board. It's a brave crew that will stand and fight when there's a horde or cut-throats charging across the deck. Don't mess about with gunnery - you want the ships you capture in good condition.

When you meet another ship at sea, closing the range will often be taken as a sign of hostile intentions. Your target may open fire without warning. It's worth demanding a surrender as you close with another ship, or as you go aboard. The only risk if they're not intimidated is they might open fire and get in the first shot.

When you meet the Royal Navy at sea, they expect you to stop and be boarded while they check your cargo and look over your crew. If you've nothing to hide, then you should do what you're told. If you make a run for it you'd better be quick, because if you run they'll open fire if they catch you.