Sail the Caribbean in search of fame and fortune

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What makes a pirate famous?

Battles and sunken ships, yes.
Hidden bases, black flags and walking the plank, yes.
Piles of doubloons and pieces of eight, yes.

But most of all - living fast, dying young and leaving lots of buried treasure.

Sunken treasure is good as well, but buried treasure is better. Treasure is best when it's buried because there will always be someone looking for it and you'll be famous forever. When people find it, they just fill in the hole they dug and keep quiet. Other people can still go on looking - and you go on being famous. Or infamous, perhaps.

Pirates is a simple interactive game set in the Caribbean at the time of the Buccaneers, In this game you choose how to make your fortune. You can seek fame in the form of reputation or notoriety or a fortune in trade or plunder - or a mixture of both. You can live fast and probably not for long, or you can be cautious and live a long and quiet life.

In Pirates you choose your own objective. We keep score in several different ways.

Reputation is how famous you are.
Notoriety is for being bloothirsty and dangerous.
Loot is how rich you are.
Turns is how long you survived.