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All pirates have secret bases, everyone knows that. A base is somewhere you can bury your loot, store provisions and cargo, and leave a garrison. In Pirates you get your own base when you buy a map. They're sold in the waterfront taverns and on dockside wherever you go.

Some bases might have treasure already buried in them - you'd have to go there and dig to find out. Some might be close to the homes of bloodthirsty cannibals* and some bases get raided more often than others. Prices for maps of pirate bases can vary a lot.

You can also leave a spare ship there at anchor, which will be useful if you plan on mixing piracy and trade or privateering. You can swap back and forth between your flagship and the ship you left in your base. A spare ship is also useful if you lose your flagship without getting killed.

Any base runs the risk of being raided, in which case you might lose some or all of your garrison, provisions, cargo and any ship you left anchored there. The garrison does fight back and may well beat off the attack if it's strong and has plenty of provisions.

Raiders won't find any buried loot. It wouldn't matter if they did - people actually finding your buried treasure would make you nearly as famous as them not finding it. People would always be sure there was some more still to be found.

* Note: By reputation the Carib Indians were supposed to be cannibals, but it was their neighbours and enemies that said so and the Carib Indians aren't around to say otherwise.